Summer of 2019, P A and Miss Anna previously founders of and songwriters in the band “Stupidity”, decided it was due time to start something new.
The aim was to turn more into Power pop and generally broaden style with less limitations.

To acchieve this, they needed to find people with the same basic background and look at music, and they quickly found saxophone player “Volvex” and drummer “M C Down” that both share the same ideas. This resulted in the band Noise Detectors Inc.

Spending the autumn of 2019 with rehearsals and songwriting, Noise Detectors Inc went into the studio in January 2020, and together with engineer David Wiltz and producer Alex Gatica, they began to record a bunch of new songs now released in form of a six track digital mini-album called “Six by Four” . This record was release on July 25 as a digital EP only. Plan was to also make a vinyl record, but that was not done due to the situation in the world, since most of those would be sold at live gigs. However, plans about a physical release remains.

On a few songs, Fleshquartet violinist Orjan Hogberg as well as trumpet player Magnus Hjort, and Alex Gatica on keyboard can be heard.
This is part of Noise Detectors Inc idea. Even though the basic foundation of four is “the band”, there should be room for additional musicians and sounds if necessary, to achieve the sound and style each song need. Idea is that even a three chord rough punk song might benefit and grow if you remove the boundaries of “what is supposed to”.

During 2020, NoiseDetectors Inc also hope to begin playing live, if situation in the world allows it. Here with the idea that “just because a song is recorded in a certain way, why do the same song that way live.?? In the bands eyes a song is not a fixed frame work, but a living thing, that just like any other living thing can change over time.

Late August 2020 Noise Detectors Inc, together with film maker Mikael Jensen at Fairygold Film, started to film a video to be released early September. The song chosen for this video is “Carefree girl” This song was the first track from “Six by Four” and can be seen here on our “Video” page. (link from YouTube).

While waiting for Covid situation in the world to stop, Noise Detectors Inc decided it was a good idea to release two new singles and videos during 2021. So in February 2021, the band went into the studio to record those two songs.
The first song is titled “Faith” and was released on May 8 and video was made by Damón Zurawski at Future Legend Films is released at the same time. This video can be seen on YouTube as well as Vimeo. and off course here on our “Video” site from release date.

2022, NDI could finally meet their audience, and recieved a great welcome from their fans. NDI also released the song “Push” in spring, and later in the year, the song/video release of “New song” recorded and produced by Jugglo Wall in Studio Kapsylen, Stockholm.

to be cont…